• strain
  • The objective of my research is to construct two green-fluorescent protein (GFP) plasmids to tag a specific strain of D. acidovorans (MC1071) for visual distinction from one or more competing microbes in a microfluidic pore structure that contains spatially varying concentrations of 2,4-DP, 2,4-D, and/or oxygen. (illinois.edu)
  • The MC1071/pKNlacgfp strain will now be visually distinct from other D. acidovorans strains when grown in micromodels, allowing for monitoring of competition between MC1071 and other strains. (illinois.edu)
  • This strain was identified as Delftia acidovorans and assigned accession number MTCC 3363. (pjmonline.org)
  • species
  • Delftia , referring to the city of Delft, the site of isolation of the type species, and in recognition of the role of Delft research groups in the development of bacteriology. (bacterio.net)
  • Also it plays a vital role, together with the species Delftia acidovorans, in the formation of gold nuggets, by precipitating metallic gold from a solution of gold(III) chloride, a compound highly toxic to most other microorganisms. (wikipedia.org)