• organs
  • These endoderm-derived organs support indispensible functions in adults, such as gas exchange in respiration, mechanical and chemical digestion, and blood glucose homeostasis and detoxification. (biomedcentral.com)
  • Despite the importance of the gut and its accessory organs, our understanding of early endoderm development is still incomplete. (royalsocietypublishing.org)
  • fate
  • This represents a key developmental juncture when cell fate decisions have been made from a broad multi-potent state (mesendoderm) towards a more restricted state (definitive endoderm). (biomedcentral.com)
  • molecular
  • A molecular pathway leading to endoderm formation in zebrafish," Curr Biol. (patentgenius.com)
  • This fourth edition of The Mouse Manual - Manipulating the Mouse Embryo - appears 28 years after the first edition and once again is the definitive reference source on mouse development, transgenesis techniques, and molecular biology. (cshlpress.com)