• treatment
  • Accumulation of decitabine triphospate during treatment indicated that a less intensive dosing scheme without hospitalization could be as effective as the current dosing scheme. (uu.nl)
  • However, a cohort of patients do not respond to this treatment initially [ 4 , 5 ], and there are almost no effective factors predicting which patients will respond to decitabine before starting the therapy. (biomedcentral.com)
  • cells
  • Decitabine-induced hypomethylation in neoplastic cells may restore normal function to genes that are critical for the control of cellular differentiation and proliferation. (drugbank.ca)
  • Non-proliferating cells are relatively insensitive to decitabine. (drugbank.ca)
  • It is concluded that many deoxycytidine analogs are converted to deoxyuridine nucleotides in cells and that these nucleotides possess pharmacological activity. (uu.nl)
  • We performed quantitative real-time PCR in marrow mononuclear cells to examine the expression of hENT1 , hENT2 , DCK , and CDA prior to therapy in 98 MDS patients initially treated with decitabine. (biomedcentral.com)