• metabolic
  • Such pre-treatment may alter the course of fermentation by two mechanisms-first, by rendering protein more available for degradative attack by micro organisms leading to escape of the by product of metabolic deamination and second, by effectively eliminating much of the heat-sensitive indigenous micro flora . (thefreedictionary.com)
  • treatment
  • Inhibitors of initiated by free radicals lipid peroxidation (propylgallate, butyl hydroxytoluene) did not bind Fe2+ ions but prevented the alterations in deamination of nitrogenous compounds induced by the treatment of the fragments of mitochondrial membranes with Fe2+ ions. (msk.ru)
  • especially
  • The accumulation of MDA in the mitochondrial membranes was accompanied by a decrease in deamination of monoamines (tyramine or, especially, tryptamine) and by appearance of qualitatively new properties to deaminate histamine or cadaverine as well as adenylic acid. (msk.ru)