• closely
  • Some specific cytogenetic abnormalities are closely, and sometimes uniquely, associated with morphologically and clinically distinct subsets of leukemia or lymphoma, as well as with their prognosis. (uptodate.com)
  • deletion
  • High-resolution chromosome analysis of a 19-year-old female proband with syndromic intrahepatic ductular hypoplasia (Alagille syndrome, AWS) revealed an interstitial deletion of chromosome 20p with breakpoints provisionally located in or close to p11.22 and p12.2. (epfl.ch)
  • When patients are suspected of having a 2q37 deletion, high-resolution cytogenetic analysis is recommended. (e-apem.org)
  • cases
  • In virtually all cases of CML, cytogenetic analyses will reveal a Philadelphia chromosome. (encyclopedia.com)
  • DNA ploidy and G0/G1 exceeding rates were determined using image and flow cytometric analyses on paraffin-embedded tissues of 166 cases: 71 cases of complete mole, 20 cases of partial mole, and 75 cases of abortions. (mysciencework.com)