• yield
  • Here, we describe the discovery of a biosynthetic route in Euphorbia lathyris L. (caper spurge) in which regio-specific oxidation of casbene is followed by an unconventional cyclization to yield jolkinol C, a probable key intermediate in the biosynthesis of macrocyclic diterpenes, including ingenol mebutate. (pnas.org)
  • ions
  • This indicates less active cyclization/reopening followed by fragmentation of common structures for b n ions containing His than for sequences of solely aliphatic residues. (springer.com)
  • formation
  • New catalysts for cationic cyclization may be of general use in the formation of carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bonds leading to multi-ring molecules including steroids and heterocyclic compounds. (sciencemag.org)
  • technology
  • The latest innovation in Solstice-TDS 2016.1 is the TimeTable module offering the state-of-the-art automatic cyclization technology to help design and test teams simplify the complex task of converting VCD/EVCD simulation files to a target ATE format. (edacafe.com)