• Substrate
  • Cyclins can directly bind the substrate or localize the CDK to a subcellular area where the substrate is found. (wikipedia.org)
  • Substrate specificity of the activated complex is mainly established by the associated cyclin within the complex. (wikipedia.org)
  • Studies have indicated that there is no difference between CDKCs cyclin D1-Cdk4/6, therefore, any unique properties can possibly be linked to substrate specificity or activation. (wikipedia.org)
  • Full activation of the cyclin-D-CDK4 complex appears to require other factors such as recruitment of the substrate via a substrate recruitment motif, and/or formation of the CDKN1B ternary complex. (uniprot.org)
  • interact
  • At least some cyclins contain a hydrophobic patch which may directly interact with substrates, conferring target specificity. (wikipedia.org)
  • CDK8
  • CDK8 and cyclin C associate with the mediator complex and regulate transcription by several mechanisms. (wikipedia.org)