• production
  • In this paper, we analyze both the humoral and viral counterparts at the basis of cryoglobulins production in HCV-induced MCII, with particular attention reserved to the single IgV subfamilies most frequently involved. (hindawi.com)
  • results
  • Based upon the results obtained, we concluded that type III cryoglobulins are implicated in schizophrenia-associated alterations in the immune response through induction of the expression of proinflammatory and chemotactic cytokines by PBMCs. (hindawi.com)
  • Only samples with abnormal results will be tested for cryoglobulins. (southtees.nhs.uk)
  • It should be noted that cryoglobulins are distinct from cryofibrinogen which results from cryoprecipitation of frozen plasma and consists of fibrin, fibrinogen, fibronectin and fibrin split products. (psychiatryadvisor.com)
  • high
  • Symptomatic MC has been observed in up to 21 percent of patients with HCV, and the percentage of HCV patients with detectable cryoglobulins may be as high as 54 percent . (thefreedictionary.com)