• eaten
  • Meanwhile the strained yogurt is used in many variation in the Albanian cuisine and is eaten either plain or with added elements such as dill, garlic, cucumber, nuts, olive oil etc. (wikipedia.org)
  • bacteria
  • It contains the same live bacteria ( Streptococcus thermophilus ​ and Lactobacillus bulgaricus ​) as the ones found in yogurt, which are claimed to help balance the gut flora and strengthen the immune system. (foodmanufacture.co.uk)
  • Greece
  • citation needed] As in Greece, strained yogurt is widely used in Cypriot cuisine both as an ingredient in recipes as well as on its own or as a supplement to a dish. (wikipedia.org)
  • cheese
  • A variety of strained yogurt called "basa" is a traditional variety of cheese from the region of Lika in Croatia. (wikipedia.org)