• teaspoon
  • The only tweak I made was to forget the mint sauce and add about 200ml of porter, plus a teaspoon of sugar to balance any beer bitterness - this is a useful tip whenever you're cooking with beer and just a little bit of something sweet can help a lot. (pencilandspoon.com)
  • make
  • My fiancĂ© is a fantastic cook and more than capable of feeding himself, but the caretaking part of me reverts to 1950s housewife mode and I try to make a big batch of something I know will sustain him for at least a few dinners-it makes me feel better. (seriouseats.com)
  • Image
  • If you are a cook, a Catholic, a New Mexican, or just have a well-appointed kitchen, it's likely you own something bearing the image of San Pasqual-the patron saint of cooks and kitchens, sheep and shepherds. (newmexico.org)
  • signs
  • A boy who has learned to read starts reading labels and warning signs to the shepherd, who ignores the information doing what he pleases as always. (wikipedia.org)