• Smad4
  • We have reported previously, that Smad4 functions as a positive transcriptional regulator of constitutive and of TGFβ-induced transcription of all three genes encoding Laminin-332, LAMA3, LAMB3 and LAMC2. (biomedcentral.com)
  • Herein, we report that Smad4 mediates transcriptional regulation through three different mechanisms, namely through Smad4 binding to a functional SBE site exclusively in the LAMA3 promoter, Smad4 binding to AP1 (and Sp1) sites presumably via interaction with AP1 family components and lastly a Smad4 impact on transcription of AP1 factors. (biomedcentral.com)
  • epithelial cells
  • They are true epithelial cells, however, because the major components of their intermediate filament system are the cytokeratins 5 and 14 (K5 and K14), because they form desmosomes, hemidesmosomes and cadherin-mediated cell-cell junctions, and because they are permanently separated from the connective tissue by the underlying basement membrane. (biomedcentral.com)