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  • Compared to controls, patients with type 1 diabetes have a high prevalence of upper extremity impairments, often bilateral, which are strongly associated with activity limitations. (diva-portal.org)
  • The term 'coordination' is so strongly ingrained in our common language that we do not typically stop to think about the key underlying features that characterize good and bad coordination-even though we can all distinguish the well-coordinated movements of a trained dancer from those of a novice. (biomedcentral.com)
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  • This lack of a common language and standard terminology is a huge barrier to relate the observations from different fields, hindering the understanding and discussion needed to move forward. (biomedcentral.com)
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  • 67 years old and matched controls were invited to answer a questionnaire on upper extremity impairments and activity limitations and to take blood samples. (diva-portal.org)