• CTFV
  • The type species of the genus Coltivirus, Colorado tick fever virus (CTFV) infects haemopoietic cells, particularly erythrocytes, which explains how the virus is transmitted by ticks and also accounts for the incidence of transmission by blood transfusion. (wikipedia.org)
  • Evidence suggests viral presence in mature erythrocytes is a result of replication of the virus in hematopoitic erythrocyte precursor cells and simultaneous maturation of the infected immature cells rather than of direct entry and replication of CTFV in mature erythrocytes. (wikipedia.org)
  • tend
  • Adult ticks tend to climb to the tops of grasses or low shrubs, attaching themselves to a host wandering by. (wikipedia.org)
  • illness
  • Patients usually experience a two-staged fever and illness which can continue for three days, diminish, and then return for another episode of one to three days. (wikipedia.org)