• genome
  • A total of 242 genes was assigned to wallaby chromosomes in the present study, bringing the total number of genes mapped to 554 and making it the most densely cytogenetically mapped marsupial genome. (beds.ac.uk)
  • genes
  • The current hierarchical organization of life reflects a series of transitions in the units of evolution, such as from genes to chromosomes, from prokaryotic to eukaryotic cells, from unicellular to multi cellular individuals, and from multi-cellular organisms to societies. (heavenforum.org)
  • probes
  • However, the number of synteny association events and identities of microchromosomes involved in such synteny associations remain undefined, due to the lack of paint probes derived from individual chicken microchromosomes. (beds.ac.uk)
  • studies
  • Studies of marsupial chromosome number, morphology and G-banding revealed an astonishing level of conservation across the entire infraclass of Metatheria. (beds.ac.uk)