• cancers
  • Leukemias , like most cancers, are staged to help doctors and patients develop effective treatment strategies. (knowcancer.com)
  • Alterations in DNMT expression that correlate with changes in genomic DNA methylation are well described in many cancers, including leukemias. (jimmunol.org)
  • This medication may be used to treat a type of leukemia or other cancers. (dana-farber.org)
  • apoptosis
  • To assess drug induced apoptosis of acute leukemia cells in vitro and subsequent relationship to clinical response based upon Css of flavopiridol attained in vivo. (clinicaltrials.gov)
  • Treatment with MK-0457 decreased the phosphorylation of Aurora kinase substrates including serine (S)10 on histone H3 and survivin, and led to aberrant mitosis, DNA endoreduplication as well as apoptosis of the cultured human acute leukemia HL-60, OCI-AML3, and K562 cells. (aacrjournals.org)