• telomeric
  • Results: We demonstrate that fPTC patients have a significant increase in spontaneous telomeric associations and telomeric fusions compared with healthy subjects and sporadic cases in the frame of an otherwise common spontaneous chromosome fragility pattern. (unica.it)
  • A quantitative fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis demonstrates that familial cases display a significant decrease in the telomeric peptide nucleic acid-fluorescence in situ hybridization signal intensity in the metaphase chromosome. (unica.it)
  • genome
  • In addition, reproducible and unique FISH patterns generated by three carrot genome-specific repeats (DCRE22, DCRE16, and DCRE9) and two transposon families ( DcSto and Krak ) in combination with telomeric and centromeric reference probes allowed identification of chromosome pairs and construction of detailed carrot karyotypes. (springer.com)
  • analyses
  • The analyses suggest that chromosome breakage within RSZs requires the actions of the evolutionarily conserved type II topoisomerase and condensin complex. (ucl.ac.uk)