• capillary
  • The high surface area of the coating, characteristic of materials fabricated by the sol-gel process, resulted in capillary columns with a stronger retention than those prepared by a conventional procedure. (springer.com)
  • 1993
  • Ho K.K.Y., Valiontis E., Waters M.J. and Rajkovic I.A. (1993) Regulation of growth hormone binding protein in man: Comparison of gel chromatography and immunoprecipitation methods. (edu.au)
  • Columns
  • Sealed chromatography cartridges or columns work similarly except the sample and buffer is pumped into and through the resin by an external device such as a liquid chromatographic (LC) system, also requiring collection and monitoring of several fractions. (wikipedia.org)
  • product
  • Formulated with collagen and wound dressing matrix, one product that uses chondroitin sulfate is the veterinary wound gel Chondroprotec, which is applied over scrapes, burns, and lesions and serves to keep the wound moist and promote healing. (wikipedia.org)