• storage disease
  • Cholesterol Ester Storage Disease (CESD) is an autosomal recessive chronic disease of variable phenotype, caused by a deficiency in lysosomal acid lipase (LAL) and characterized by accumulation of fat in tissues and organs. (clinicaltrials.gov)
  • serum
  • Serum cholesterol (free, esters and total) and serum phospholipids were determined in 97 men who had experienced coronary heart disease prior to the age of 40, 146 healthy nonhospitalized men of comparable age and a group of 97 men who were "matched" to the coronary disease group. (ahajournals.org)
  • The mean values for serum cholesterol (total) were 286 mg. per 100 cc., 224 mg. per 100 cc., and 247 mg. per 100 cc. for the coronary disease group, control group and matched control group, respectively. (ahajournals.org)
  • In the present study we tested the hypothesis that expression of CEH in blood-derived macrophages and the cholesterol efflux potential of serum from human subjects correlates with the disease status. (ahajournals.org)
  • Serum from the same subjects was used to determine the cholesterol efflux potential (% efflux observed with 4% serum at 6h) using a human monocyte/macrophage cell line THP1-derived cell system (THP1-CEH cells) where efflux is directly related to the efflux potential of exogenous acceptor such as serum. (ahajournals.org)
  • lesions
  • We have demonstrated that macrophage-specific transgenic expression of CEH enhances cholesterol efflux from foam cells and reduces lesions in athero-susceptible LDLR−/− mice. (ahajournals.org)