• induces
  • Because IFNγ induces an antimicrobial defense system in mice but not in humans that is composed of a large family of Immunity Related GTPases (IRGs), we questioned whether mice deficient in IRG immunity would develop persistent infections with C. trachomatis as observed in human patients. (duke.edu)
  • antibiotics
  • This multi-faceted approach includes Surgery for trichiasis cases, Antibiotics to treat the community pool of infection, Face washing to reduce transmission, and Environmental change. (clinicaltrials.gov)
  • Findings
  • These findings indicate that the absence of the predominant murine innate effector mechanism restricting C. trachomatis growth inside epithelial cells results in a compensatory adaptive immune response, which is at least in part driven by CD4(+) T cells and prevents the establishment of a persistent infection in mice. (duke.edu)