• Organism
  • Brugia malayi chitinase (BmCHT1) is expressed in the microfilarial stage, the first larval stage, of the organism and is thought to be important in the exsheathment process of the microfilaria (1). (neb.com)
  • Crystal
  • Ohnuma T, Umemoto N, Nagata T, Shinya S, Numata T, Taira T, Fukamizo T. Crystal structure of a "loopless" GH19 chitinase in complex with chitin tetrasaccharide spanning the catalytic center. (proteopedia.org)
  • analysis
  • X-ray crystallographic analysis of the chitinase-inhibitor complexes revealed that the conformations of the linear peptides were remarkably similar to that of the natural product. (nih.gov)