• radiography
  • The radiology department offers state-of-the-art equipment including a patient friendly open MRI (0.35 tesla) with computerized radiography system, ultrasound with color doppler, mammogram, X-Ray system, fluoroscopy, OPG, and cephalometry. (nmc.ae)
  • diagnosis
  • The book is evidently written for the roentgenologist and obstetrician, more for the former, and should be a great help to one with a general knowledge of roentgen-ray technic who is just entering upon the comparatively new subject of pelvimetry, cephalometry and soft tissue diagnosis by the roentgen-ray. (annals.org)
  • provide
  • With courses in Germany , Spain and the United States , achieved thanks to the contacts of Dr. Joseph of Arimathea, Mark soon began to provide services not only for cephalometry in Belo Horizonte , but for the entire state of Minas Gerais. (giscafe.com)
  • General
  • After a general introduction of the basic pillars of 3D cephalometry, a first hands-on session allowed the participants to perform small 3D cephalometric analyses. (medicim.com)
  • After a general introduction on the basic pilars of 3D cephalometry, it was explained how to use Maxilim in a practical way. (medicim.com)