• lipid bilayers
  • Being able to pull proteins out of cell membranes without using detergents to break up the lipid bilayers truly is a fantastic advance," said Wayne Hendrickson, Ph.D., university professor at Columbia, scientific director of the New York Structural Biology Center and co-author of the paper. (vcu.edu)
  • Structural
  • Structural proteins help to give the cell support and shape. (thoughtco.com)
  • The Cell Cells are the basic structural units and the building blocks of living organisms. (sushichoshi.com)
  • Employing poly-styrene-maleic acid to break cell membranes into nanoparticles that were then isolated and captured in a layer of sophisticated polymer, the researchers used the cryo-electron microscope at the New York Structural Biology Center to get a clear look at the lipid bilayer. (vcu.edu)
  • Additionally, initial experiments have been performed which combine electrophysiological and structural investigations of black lipid membranes. (wikipedia.org)