• Conclusion: Calcitriol pretreatment does not sensitize OS cells to chemotherapy but, has an effect on the migration and invasion of 143B-P OS cell line. (ku.edu)
  • This study indicates that UK Pan-1 is a highly tumorigenic cell line possessing a molecularly complex pattern of mutations that may be used as a model to further the understanding of the mechanisms responsible for the development of pancreatic carcinoma. (uthscsa.edu)
  • The cell line was characterized by its morphology, growth rate in monolayer culture and soft agar, tumorigenicity in nude mice, and chromosomal analysis. (uthscsa.edu)
  • Quiescent UK Pan-1 cells could be stimulated to proliferate in growth factor free nutrient media, indicating a growth factor independent phenotype. (uthscsa.edu)