• Isotype
  • Flow Cytometric analysis of normal Human peripheral blood cells labeling CD34 with Anti-Human CD45 FITC and either ab155377 (right histogram) at 0.25 µg/test in 100 µl final volume or an equal amount of Mouse IgG1 kappa Isotype Control APC (left histogram). (abcam.com)
  • tissues
  • Pharmingen has a rat anti-mouse CD34 (Clone RAM34) that works on frozen sections and a rat anti-mouse CD31 (Clone MEC13.3) that works on both frozen and paraffin mouse tissues. (histosearch.com)
  • expression
  • CD34 expression is likely to represent a specific state of hematopoietic development that may have altered adhering properties with expanding and differentiating capabilities in both in vitro and in vivo conditions. (fishersci.ca)