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  • The plant discharged 62,907 pounds of toxics in the Willamette River, including ammonia, formic acid and manganese, plus catechol and lead, the EPA figures show. (thefreedictionary.com)
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  • Thanks to this diversity, catechols can be found either as simple molecular systems, forming part of supramolacular structures, coordinated to different metal ions or as macromolecules mostly arising from polymerization mechanisms through covalent bonds. (icn2.cat)
  • Such versatility has allowed catechols to participate in several natural processes and functions that range from the adhesive properties of marine organisms to the storage of some transition metal ions. (icn2.cat)
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  • As a result of such an astonishing range of functionalities, catechol-based systems have in recent years been subject to intense research, aimed at mimicking these natural systems in order to develop new functional materials and coatings. (icn2.cat)