• airway
  • We hypothesize that when atelectasis is minimized by OLC ventilation, cardiac function is not affected despite the higher mean airway pressure. (biomedcentral.com)
  • clinical
  • In one small series, 24 of 40 subjects without a clinical suspicion for a cardiac source had TEE findings associated with increased thromboembolic risk. (ahajournals.org)
  • hospital
  • A multidisciplinary team approach, including the ultrasonographic director, biomedical engineering department, and other TEE hospital stakeholders, is essential for selecting the best echocardiography equipment vendor. (thecardiologyadvisor.com)
  • left
  • Cardiac computed tomography (CCT) is required prior to PVI to obtain a left atrium and pulmonary vein anatomical map on which to superimpose an electrical map. (onlinejacc.org)