• alcohol
  • It also includes optimized methods for headspace analysis of alcohol and volatile toxic substances such as cyanides and azides, providing total support for GC/MS toxicology analysis. (shimadzu.com)
  • oxygen
  • chemicals,equipiments,technical service and installation of new units for acid zinc ,cyanide (plate amp;ingot, Copper (phosphorised amp;oxygen free, Lead and Lead Ti (93% lead and 7% tin). (feel-food.nl)
  • known
  • The spherical pellets are produced through carbonyl refining, which is well known for producing the highest purity form of nickel available. (feel-food.nl)
  • formation
  • begingroup$ The paper cited by the OP journal.csj.jp/doi/abs/10.1246/bcsj.60.1085 details reaction of aromatic acyl chlorides with sodium and potassium cyanides impregnated on resins and contains other references to their formation. (stackexchange.com)