• phloem
  • Olsson, Olof 2004-10-07 00:00:00 By screening 273 hybrid aspen plants transformed with a luciferase-based promoter trap T-DNA vector, one plant was found in which the reporter gene (luxF2) was activated only in cells of the cambial region, i.e., vascular cambium, phloem and differentiating xylem. (deepdyve.com)
  • genes
  • This conclusion is confirmed by the analysis of cellular markers and genome-wide transcriptional profiling, which revealed only a small overlap between WOX4-dependent and cambium-specific genes. (ox.ac.uk)
  • By combining this system with laser capture microdissection, we characterized transcriptome remodeling in a tissue- and stage-specific manner and identified series of genes induced during different phases of cambium formation. (ox.ac.uk)
  • activity
  • Strikingly, although the pivotal role of the plant hormone auxin in promoting cambium activity has been known for decades, the molecular basis of auxin responsiveness on the level of cambium cells has so far been elusive. (ox.ac.uk)
  • Furthermore, the receptor-like kinase PXY is required for a stable auxin-dependent increase in WOX4 mRNA abundance and the stimulation of cambium activity, suggesting a concerted role of PXY and WOX4 in auxin-dependent cambium stimulation. (ox.ac.uk)
  • Secondary growth--the lateral expansion of plant growth axes--is a highly dynamic process that depends on the activity of the cambium. (ox.ac.uk)