• lower
  • MND's evolution can compromise both upper and lower limbs, as well as areas innervated by bulbar nerve fibers. (scielo.br)
  • Drugs
  • Pain medications, including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs help to ease the pain caused by bulbar palsy, although stronger medications, including morphine or opiates, often become necessary as the disease progresses. (reference.com)
  • clinical
  • The bulb is an archaic term for the medulla oblongata and in modern clinical usage the word bulbar (as in bulbar palsy ) is retained for terms that relate to the medulla oblongata, particularly in reference to medical conditions. (wikipedia.org)
  • condition
  • When the condition begins in children or young adults, sensorineural hearing loss usually occurs first, followed by signs of pontobulbar palsy. (nih.gov)