• The code L1844 may be used either for a medically necessary custom-made unloader knee brace (only considered medically necessary in members with osteoarthritis) or it may be used to describe either a non-covered custom-made functional or rehabilitation (used in a postoperative setting) knee brace. (unicare.com)
  • In order to decrease the weight on a painful knee joint, an unloader knee brace is designed to provide stability during activities of daily living. (unicare.com)
  • In a systematic review of the literature, Raja and Dewan (2011) identified the existence of a number of high-quality clinical studies that recommend the use of an unloader knee brace as conservative management in the relief of signs and symptoms associated with medial compartment knee osteoarthritis. (unicare.com)
  • Unloader knee braces, also referred to as off-loader knee braces, are typically custom-made (custom fabricated, custom molded) and are considered for individuals who are unable to be fitted with a prefabricated (off-the-shelf) knee brace. (unicare.com)
  • This document addresses the intended use of custom-made (i.e. custom fabricated, custom molded) functional and unloader knee braces. (unicare.com)
  • Custom-made (custom molded, custom fabricated) knee braces, functional or unloader, are considered not medically necessary when the above criteria are not met. (unicare.com)
  • Functional knee braces are defined as braces designed to assist or provide stability for the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) or other ligament deficient knees, and provide protection for the ACL or other ligaments after knee repairs or reconstructions. (unicare.com)