• Donor Registry
  • The New Zealand Bone Marrow Donor Registry (NZBMDR) was formed in 1996. (sciencelearn.org.nz)
  • In December 2008 Prof. Or received the Menachem Begin Prize for his extensive medical and research work and for the establishment of two essential and life saving national projects: The unrelated volunteer bone marrow donor registry and the national public umbilical cord blood bank. (isracast.com)
  • cord blood
  • The department uses stem cells from various sources including bone marrow, peripheral blood, umbilical cord blood and the placenta. (isracast.com)
  • The laboratory's team, headed by Prof. Reuven Or, includes a number of highly respected and accomplished scientists who conduct advanced research with a focus on the immuno-biological mechanism of stem cells derived from cord blood and bone marrow. (isracast.com)
  • Moreover, Prof. Or serves as the Medical Director of the Volunteer Bone Marrow Bank and also as the Medical Director of the Israeli National Public Umbilical Cord Blood Bank. (isracast.com)