• PolyHeme
  • If their IRBs approve the hospitals participation in the trial, AirMed, Life Flight and first-responder crews from four area municipalities (Salt Lake County and Salt Lake, West Valley and Sandy cities) will begin using the blood substitute, PolyHeme? (utah.edu)
  • fluid
  • This study will methodically evaluate the impact of using increasingly greater amounts of pentastarch during surgery on an open heart surgery patient's recovery in particular - is there more bleeding, does his/her blood clot as well, and how much fluid overall is used and excreted? (clinicaltrials.gov)
  • product
  • Now the upside of using cow blood is that it is available in abundance as a waste product of slaughterhouses . (everything2.com)
  • needs
  • The blood needs to be grouped according to ABO surface antigens and Rhesus factor, and must also be screened for infectious agents such as HIV and Hepatitis . (everything2.com)