• Our production management is strictly conducted by the requirement of GMP of China,ISO9001-2008, and all of our products could meet the requirements of international standards.In 2013, products including cholesterol, bilirubin, cholic acid,ox bile powder, hyodeoxycholic acid and pig bile powder passed the certification of China GMP. (kitairu.net)
  • PFIC is a rare autosomal recessive group of disorders associated with different genetic etiologies that occurs due to the inability to form and excrete bile from hepatocytes. (biomedcentral.com)
  • An inability to excrete bile acids can also lead to fat malabsorption, failure to thrive, and deficiencies in vitamins A, D, E, and K. 2 The disease is estimated to impact one in every 50,000 to 100,000 children born worldwide. (pficvoices.com)
  • In 28 patients the tumor was located in the upper, 9 in the middle and 12 in the lower common bile duct. (elsevier.com)
  • Deficiency in BSEP is the most common form of PFIC that presents in early life with jaundice, high serum bile acids and transaminases, normal GGT, pruritis, and failure to thrive. (biomedcentral.com)
  • An alternative explanation is that there is an abnormal collection of acidified gastric-bile fluid in the more proximal part of the stomach, the so-called acid-bile pocket. (sonicusers.com)
  • Twin B had elevated levels of the following: AST =1117 U/L, ALT = 689 U/L, total bilirubin = 2.8 mg/dL, direct bilirubin =1.5 mg/dL, PT =13.8 s, PTT = 46 s, total serum bile acids = 125 ╬╝mol/ and a normal GGT 18 U/L. Lipid profile revealed a low HDL-C and high triglycerides. (biomedcentral.com)
  • 41 which has been associated with an increase in the concentration of the toxic unconjugated and dehydroxylated acids in the stomach.37Although no direct relation was shown in this study we believe this is a possible explanation for the detection of unconjugated bile acids in patients with oesophageal injury, the majority of whom had in the past received proton pump inhibitors over prolonged periods. (sonicusers.com)