• investigators
  • Principal Investigators on such awards are invited to submit a request for an administrative supplement to the awarding component of the parent grant to support an eligible candidate interested in reestablishing a research career. (nih.gov)
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  • SUPPLEMENTS TO PROMOTE REENTRY INTO BIOMEDICAL AND BEHAVIORAL RESEARCH CAREERS Release Date: May 14, 1999 PA NUMBER: PA-99-106 P.T. National Institutes of Health PURPOSE The National Institutes of Health (NIH) reannounces a program for administrative supplements to research grants to support individuals with high potential to reenter an active research career after taking time off to care for children or parents or to attend to other family responsibilities. (nih.gov)
  • Health
  • This program announcement, Supplements to Promote Reentry into Biomedical and Behavioral Research Careers, is related to the priority area of women's health. (nih.gov)
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  • This program will provide administrative supplements to existing NIH research grants for the purpose of supporting full-time or part-time research by these individuals in a program geared to bring their existing research skills and knowledge up to date. (nih.gov)