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  • No, for the same reason we aren't surprised when we find that logistic regression outperforms naive Bayes. (johndcook.com)
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  • The book goes back to Bayes' theorem constantly, and for excellent reasons - it's an exceptionally powerful way to honestly gauge a complex reality based on estimable probabilities, and is perhaps the most important theory in modern probability. (businessinsider.com)
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  • At the moment, I'm thinking about how to design the class, so I'd appreciate any suggestions as to what content I should cover, the best format, clear ways to explain it, cool things related to Bayes' Theorem, good links, and so forth. (lesswrong.com)
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  • If you want people to sign up for your class, don't call it Bayes Theorem, or anything equally boring (not many people can even pronounce 'representativeness heuristic' on the first try). (lesswrong.com)
  • different people still treat the pronunciation of possessives like Jones'(s) differently today), so we call it Bayes' theorem, pronounced bays to rhyme with maze . (stackexchange.com)