• genes
  • That glutaredoxin could be a reductant was unknown at the time of this discovery even in other biological organisms and was later confirmed notably by the observation that the two genes are fused in some bacteria and by the resolution of the structure of the bacterial hybrid protein. (springer.com)
  • plants
  • This paper describes how the combination of genomics, genetic engineering, and 3D structural characterization has helped clarify the redox regulatory networks in poplar with consequences not only in system biology in plants but also in bacteria and mammalian systems. (springer.com)
  • role
  • The famous tropical forests (African and South American jungles) as well as the World's ocean do not play an important role in this process due to the presence of vast numbers of heterotrophic bacteria that absorb that very oxygen that is produced by photosynthetic organ- isms. (slideshare.net)