• democracy
  • American and European political science has for decades been busy with "transitions to democracy" and the evaluation of their relative successes (even though there is a recent shift toward the study of authoritarianism), and in International Relations, China seemed to be the only possible opponent to U.S. unilateral hegemony. (telospress.com)
  • Rethinking the relationship between democracy and development in the context of East Africa's successful authoritarianism. (graphitepublications.com)
  • Modern democracy, which in reality is still in its infancy, is being undermined from within and without by different types of authoritarianism. (elephantjournal.com)
  • In the light of the intimidation and harassment of a number of opposition figures in Venezuela, including Manuel Rosales, the elected mayor of the city of Maracaibo, Parliament expresses its "profound concern at the deterioration in the situation and in the quality of democracy in Venezuela", which is being threatened with collapse by "the growing authoritarianism" displayed by President Ch├ívez. (blogspot.com)