• 2001
  • These outlined mechanisms may represent a mechanism for ensuring that only high-affinity peptides are bound to MHC class I. Endoplasmic Reticulum MHC Class I Immune System Daumke O, Knittler MR (2001). (wikipedia.org)
  • ABCG1
  • Specifically, we expressed murine ABCG1 (mABCG1) in yeast and assessed how changes in the intracellular sterol environment affect movement of sterols by this transporter. (columbia.edu)
  • translocation
  • TAP binds to 8- to 16-residue peptides with equal affinity, while translocation is most efficient for peptides that are 8 to 12 residues long. (wikipedia.org)
  • intracellular
  • These data suggest that direction of transport is not a static property of the transporter but rather can adapt in response to changes in the intracellular microenvironment. (columbia.edu)