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  • The aim of this article series is to introduce our readers to different immunological aspects of radiotherapy and to show which new avenues of research are currently opening up. (biomedcentral.com)
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  • I can go in here into the menu, and this fourth shooting menu is all live view…related options, and the fourth one down is Aspect ratio, and sure enough it's set to 3:2. (lynda.com)
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  • Based near Dallas, Texas, and able to deploy within one hour of notification, ASPECT is the nation's only airborne real-time chemical and radiological detection, infrared and photographic imagery platform. (epa.gov)
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  • To request ASPECT assistance, please call: EPA's Emergency Operations Center at 202-564-3850. (epa.gov)
  • Therefore, as an employer, please don't be surprised when applicants tactfully enquire about these aspects of their potential assignment - this is driven by the intent to know, to be well prepared, and to comply. (uni-bremen.de)