• artwork
  • Visitors to the gallery can expect to see a wide variety of artwork from regional and national artists. (chicagoartistsresource.org)
  • The GPK series is comprised of all new artwork by veteran artists John Pound, Tom Bunk and reverse and insert card artwork by Jay Lynch. (tripod.com)
  • This set also includes next-generation GPK artists Brent Engstrom, Luis Diaz, Dave Gross, Fred Harper, Layron DeJarnette, Ray Lago, Neil Camera (insert and reverse card artwork) and newcomer Richard Clark. (tripod.com)
  • The set includes conceptual artwork by Jeff Zapata (art director), Mark Pingitore, Fred Wheaton, Mark MacAulay, John Williams (supervising editor), several of the artists listed above and Colin Walton who animated all of the Motion cards. (tripod.com)