• Volar
  • Prospective cohort of 66 consecutive patients with mean age of 68 (range 60-81) years and AO type C fractures treated with volar locking plate. (springer.com)
  • Although reduction loss in volar tilt and radial height occurred within four first months, volar plate was able to maintain fracture stabilization with radiographic parameters within functional range over the time in most patients of these elderly patients. (springer.com)
  • ulna
  • When performing an olecranon osteotomy, visualize the non-articular portion of the ulna by exposing both medially and laterally. (orthogate.org)
  • Commonly used classifications include Bado type based on direction of radial head replacement or Jupiter' based on level of fracture of the ulna. (neurologyadvisor.com)
  • A wrist fracture, or broken wrist, occurs when the radius, ulna, or any of the eight bones that connect the two are broken. (seniorabuselaw.com)
  • complication
  • However, it can also be secondary to a number of inciting factors including post-traumatic, previous capsulorrhaphy, chondrolysis from intra-articular pain pumps, hardware complication, persistent instability, and developmental problems that accelerate the degenerative process. (clinicaladvisor.com)