• Antimalarial
  • This expert blog was contributed by Dr. Merlin Willcox, Honorary Secretary of the Research Initiative on Traditional Antimalarial Methods (RITAM) , in response to the outcome of a poll on MalariaWorld and recent contributions regarding the use of Artemisia tea as a remedy for malaria. (malariaworld.org)
  • I doubt whether use of Artemisia annua is a significant contributor to drug resistance, because the plant does contain other antimalarial compounds, and is not widely used in south-east Asia, where resistance has in fact occurred. (malariaworld.org)
  • herb
  • The dried artemisia herb however more than 3 years - According to OXFAM most of the ACTs are sold in groceries and are used without medical control at substandard doses. (malariaworld.org)
  • Dosage
  • A resistance to synthetic artemisia analogues has already happened and the increased dosage of these synthetic drugs, resorted to in response, is causing other life threatening complications in patients. (malariaworld.org)
  • animals
  • Artemisia norvegica is food for a number of animals, such as mountain goats , which eat it during the summer in Alaska, as well as Sitka black-tailed deer and hoary marmots . (wikipedia.org)