• modulates
  • In this paper, I discuss the mechanisms of action by which arginine methylation modulates various facets of mRNP biogenesis, and how the collective consequences of this modification impart the specificity required to generate a mature, translational- and export-competent mRNP. (hindawi.com)
  • enzymes
  • Enzymes called arginine deiminases (ADIs) catalyze the deimination of free arginine, while protein arginine deiminases or peptidylarginine deiminases (PADs) replace the primary ketimine group (=NH) by a ketone group (=O). Arginine is positively charged at a neutral pH, whereas citrulline has no net charge. (wikipedia.org)
  • binds
  • The REF/ALY mRNA export adaptor binds TAP/ NXF1 via an arginine-rich region, which overlaps with its RNA-binding domain. (whiterose.ac.uk)