• history
  • Digging into history, archaeology at the fort __ 'Annual field school provides students with real-world experience' Read about the experiences there and about research results. (archaeolink.com)
  • geology
  • First or good second class honours degree (or equivalent from a university outside the UK) in archaeology, geology, earth sciences, environmental studies or any related field. (reading.ac.uk)
  • Close
  • The cover of the Autumn 1951 issue of ARCHAEOLOGY features a dramatic scene of close combat between two men, teeth bared, faces bright red with exertion, garments flying, pulling each other's hair so violently that each grips the ripped-out forelock of his foe. (archaeology.org)
  • cultures
  • Examining the landscape, history, and archaeology of the region tells us much about what happens when cultures clash but ultimately come to coexist. (archaeology.org)