• racial
  • Boas saw this as an argument that nutrition and environment was more important in determining body measurements than racial background, and his study was widely seen as discrediting racial anthropometry. (wikipedia.org)
  • variation
  • His research focuses on forensic anthropology, skeletal biology, dermatoglyphics, anthropometry, anthropological genetics, and human variation, as well as developing computerized databases in these areas which aid in anthropological research. (wikipedia.org)
  • human
  • Anthropometry is defined as the scientific study of the human body measurements and proportions.These studies are generally used by clinicians and pathologists for adequate assessments of the growth and development of the fetus at any specific point of gestational maturity. (wikipedia.org)
  • applications
  • At various times in history, applications of anthropometry have ranged vastly-from accurate scientific description and epidemiological analysis to rationales for eugenics and overtly racist social movements-and its points of concern have been numerous, diverse, and sometimes highly unexpected. (wikipedia.org)