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  • [wellcomeopenresearch.org] None of these drugs address the underlying causes of diarrhea, specifically increased secretion by intestinal crypt cells . (symptoma.com)
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  • Our exome and RNA sequencing data predict that the loss of IFIH1 function is due to loss of the CTD (rs35732034 and rs35744605) or to partial loss of the helicase domain ( [pnas.org] Horn , M. [asmscience.org] Dehydration Dehydration is an excessive loss of fluids and minerals from the body. (symptoma.com)
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  • Electrodiagnostic studies showed widespread denervation, reduced CMAP amplitudes in all nerves of the lower limbs and right upper limb, and normal SNAP responses, consistent with a severe, asymmetric process affecting anterior horn cells or motor axons. (thefreedictionary.com)
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  • [news-medical.net] N: neuraminidase - facilitates release of virions from the infected host cells . (symptoma.com)