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  • The CUFF-Arm (or CUFF - Arm RD ) can be used on the ankle and forearm, although a full range is available to accommodate a range of limb sizes.The moorVMS-PRES provides automation of the cuff inflation / deflation protocol. (moor.co.uk)
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  • Normally, the ankle pressure is at least 90 percent of the arm pressure, but with severe narrowing it may be less than 50 percent. (vasolabs.com)
  • A retrospective study that examined 174 diabetics and 53 control subjects found discrepancy between ABI and toe brachial pressure among diabetics with ABI >1.3, concluding that distal calcifications made the ABI inaccurate. (angiologist.com)
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  • 1 Its purpose is to provide clinicians with relevant information about the ankle brachial index (ABI) and a research-based protocol to use in performing the ABI to insure reliability and validity of the results. (lww.com)