• severe
  • Laboratory findings include severe anemia, increased mean corpuscular volume (MCV, due to the presence of a large number of reticulocytes), and hyperbilirubinemia (from increased red cell destruction) that can be of the conjugated or unconjugated type. (wikipedia.org)
  • Thus, in a person with a severe automimmune haemolytic anaemia, the lifespan of red blood cells could be reduced into just few days from the normal 100-120 days. (biology-online.org)
  • occurs
  • Anemia occurs when there are insufficient red blood cells, or they don't function properly. (drugs.com)
  • fatigue
  • This leads to anemia and fatigue, tiredness, and sometimes yellow eyes (scleral icterus) and yellow skin (jaundice). (healthtap.com)