• reports
  • Other more recent reports of widespread livedo and acral purpura due to vascular coagulation similar to that seen in livedoid vasculitis but with a much more rapid, widespread and intense onset have been linked to cocaine laced with levamasole. (oncologynurseadvisor.com)
  • mouse
  • We generated fluorescent-conjugated BNC fused with antibody targeting macrophages, and confirmed the BNC distribution on mouse macrophage cell line. (nii.ac.jp)
  • The authors generated 31 new mouse and llama-anti human GARP antibodies and cloned these onto the human IgG1 backbone, creating humanized anti-GARP antibodies. (focisnet.org)
  • The two inhibitory antibodies blocked Treg mediated suppression in in vitro assays and in a model of human anti-mouse xenogenic graft vs. host disease (GvHD). (focisnet.org)
  • By creating and studying antibodies against GARP, a protein that associates with latent TGF b 1 on the surface of Treg, the authors demonstrated that GARP is involved in the activation of TGF b 1 by Treg and that inhibition of this activity abrogates Treg mediated suppression in vitro and in an in vivo human anti-mouse GvHD model. (focisnet.org)