• kinetics
  • Light-induced photosynthetic electron transfer upon anaerobiosis in Chlamydomonas : kinetics, electron sinks and setup of a fluorescence screen to identify new players. (uliege.be)
  • In this work, light-induced photosynthetic electron transfer after a prolonged dark-anaerobiosis period was studied by following the kinetics of chlorophyll fluorescence emission, P700 oxidation and proton-motive force formation and consumption during the first 3 seconds of illumination. (uliege.be)
  • In a next step, we screen an insertional mutant library (~3000 clones) on the basis of the fluorescence induction kinetics upon a shift from dark-anaerobiosis to light. (uliege.be)
  • shift
  • NADH, produced from glycolysis during anaerobiosis and oxidized in the mitochondrial electron transport chain, should shift the composition of metabolites formed during anaerobiosis with increased conversion of pyruvate to alanine and greater involvement of other transamination reactions, such as those involving γ-aminobutyric acid formation. (oup.com)